Schools controlled by atheist ideas

Letter to the Editor
Published: 12/2/2007 2:17 AM

Judging from all the protest surrounding the new moment of silence in Illinois schools, it looks as though Rob and Dawn Sherman have not yet realized the obvious.

They have won. In fact, they won a long time ago.

Every day in public schools across the nation, our children are taught to interpret the world as if God does not exist.

Atheistic beliefs are now the only legal basis permitted for public school policy decisions and curriculum choices. Teachers are only allowed to share opinions and ideas that are compatible with atheism.

As a result, all kinds of foolishness are now welcomed and promoted in our public schools and much true wisdom has been ruled off limits because of its connection to "religion."

In our stupidity, we believe this is neutrality.

Rob and Dawn, you can relax. The horse left the barn a long time ago. The moment of silence is meaningless. Atheism is safe and secure in our public schools.

Teri Paulson