State senate candidate refutes Grayslake trustee's accusation

  • Suzi Schmidt

    Suzi Schmidt

  • Ron Jarvis

    Ron Jarvis

  • Michael Bond

    Michael Bond

Published: 9/11/2010 12:01 AM

Republican state senate candidate Suzi Schmidt disputes a Grayslake trustee's contention that she made misleading comments about the village's share on tax bills while campaigning last weekend.

Trustee Ron Jarvis brought up what he said were Schmidt's inaccurate remarks toward the end of Tuesday night's village board meeting. Grayslake's six trustees and the mayor typically make closing comments on a variety of topics at the end of board meetings.

Schmidt, of Lake Villa, is trying to unseat Democratic state Sen. Michael Bond of Grayslake in the Nov. 2 election. Bond and Schmidt are running in the 31st Senate District that covers nearly all of northern Lake County.

At the village board session, Jarvis said he encountered Schmidt, who is the Lake County Board chairwoman, in his neighborhood Sept. 4. He contends Schmidt told some of his neighbors the county's share of the property tax bill is 7 percent, while Grayslake's is 10 percent.

Jarvis said he was compelled to correct Schmidt about Grayslake's portion of annual taxes.

"And I told her, I said, 'Your information is not right. It's only 4 percent.' She told me I was wrong," Jarvis said.

Grayslake village government puts out specific information showing how a typical tax bill is divided. The village lists its share at 4 percent.

Schmidt said Jarvis was off the mark in his recollection of events.

After stopping to talk to Jarvis' neighbors, Schmidt said, she was asked about property tax assessments. Schmidt said she responded that she didn't know much about the assessment process before Jarvis walked over to join them.

Schmidt said she then related that Lake County's share of tax bills typically is 7 percent and municipalities, on average, are at 10 percent. She said she only talked in generalities and never specified Grayslake.

"It's silly season," Schmidt said of Jarvis' village board meeting comments. "They're going to do whatever."

Bond issued a statement Friday that he understands why Jarvis would be upset if Schmidt misled voters about Grayslake village government's share of property taxes. Bond said Jarvis is not working for his campaign and made "an excellent point" at a public meeting.

"When a politician comes to your door, ask questions," Bond said. "Don't take what they say at face value."

Bond won the four-year state senate post when he defeated Republican Warren Township Supervisor Suzanne Simpson in 2006. The late Adeline Geo-Karis, a Lake County political legend who served in the General Assembly for parts of four decades, held the senate seat before Bond.