Post office moving Dundee-area operations to Carpentersville

Published: 8/31/2010 12:01 AM

The Dundee Main Post Office on South 8th Street in West Dundee is up for sale, but United States Postal Service officials say the move will not affect customers or the delivery of mail.

In a postcard sent recently to residents of East Dundee, West Dundee and Sleepy Hollow, District Manager for the USPS Northern Illinois District Robert Hart said relocating delivery operations to the Carpentersville facility will help trim operating costs.

"The Postal Service has more space than it needs to provide retail counter services to our Dundee, IL customers," Hart said on the postcard. "Maintaining this existing space adds to our operating costs (building maintenance, utilities, etc.). The delivery operations for the Dundee area will be moved to existing available space in the Carpentersville Post Office."

Before any move takes place, Hart said the Postal Service first will need to sell the Dundee building at fair market value. The Post Office also plans to open a smaller retail counter in the Dundee area where customers can buy stamps, ship packages, rent a Post Office box, pick up certified and registered mail and purchase mailing and shipping services, Hart said.

It is not known how many of the 33 Dundee employees, which includes 23 letter carriers, will relocate to the Carpentersville facility.

"This is not unique to the Dundee area, it is happening across the country," said Sean Hargadon, a spokesman for the USPS Northern Illinois District. "We are becoming efficient in tightening everything up and using our space better."

The building that houses the Cary Post Office on Three Oaks Road has been on the market since April. The Postal Service plans to sell the building and move delivery operations to Crystal Lake.