Felon wanted for death threat from Mexico

  • Proseso Rodriguez-Flores

    Proseso Rodriguez-Flores

Published: 10/10/2009 12:02 AM

An arrest warrant has been issued for an illegal immigrant who was deported to Mexico after serving jail time in Lake County for a sexual assault, and on Thursday made telephone threats to kill the teenage victim, authorities said.

Round Lake Park Police Chief George Filenko said his department, Elgin police and the Lake County state's attorney's office worked quickly Friday to assemble a case against Proseso Rodriguez-Flores, 23.

Filenko said Rodriguez-Flores was charged with felony harassment, and an arrest warrant with a $200,000 bond attached has been issued. Rodriguez-Flores is believed to be in Acuchillan Del Progreso, Mexico.

Rodriguez-Flores was convicted of committing criminal sexual assualt against a 16-year-old Round Lake Park girl as part of a plea bargain in Lake County circuit court in May 2008, Filenko said.

He said Rodriguez-Flores, an illegal immigrant whose last known address was in Elgin, spent time in the Lake County jail and was deported to Mexico on Feb. 27, 2009.

At about 10 p.m. Thursday, police said, the now-17-year-old girl received a phone call and a voice-mail message from Rodriguez-Flores threatening to kill her and her father. Filenko said Rodriguez-Flores blamed his incarceration on the teen and her father.

Filenko said the girl and her dad reported the threats Friday morning. Round Lake Park investigators recorded the voice mail and worked with Lake County prosecutors to trace the telephone number logged by the victim's caller identification.

In addition, the chief said, Elgin police located Rodriguez-Flores' relatives in the city, and they confirmed he was in Mexico.

Filenko said witnesses and crime victims often are reluctant to step forward because of the possibility of retaliation. He said that's why it was important to work quickly after receiving the report from the girl and her father.

"Put yourself in the victim's or witnesses' shoes," Filenko said, "to get a threat like this from someone like that who you put away."

Filenko said it won't be easy seizing Rodriguez-Flores on the arrest warrant because he won't be returned by Mexican authorities. He said if the suspect were to re-enter United States illegally, the warrant would be revealed through a computer check of his fingerprints or DNA if he's stopped by authorities for some reason.