Buffalo Grove trustee files police report against former trustee

  • Lisa Stone

    Lisa Stone

  • Bruce Kahn

    Bruce Kahn

Published: 9/11/2009 12:05 AM

A current and a former Buffalo Grove trustee had a run-in at a Buddy Baseball game held over the weekend during Buffalo Grove Days.

The former trustee, Bruce Kahn, said he accidentally bumped Trustee Lisa Stone and apologized.

Stone didn't see it that way, however, and filed a report with Buffalo Grove police.

When asked to comment, she said she was unable to speak on a pending legal issue.

Kahn explained his side of the story. "At a community event for kids with special needs, I turned around and tried to avoid somebody who was standing behind me and accidentally bumped into them. I reached out, put my hand on that person's shoulder before I even knew who it was, said excuse me, apologized and went on my way," Kahn said. "Six hours later, that person filed a police report."

Police Cmdr. Steve Husak said Stone arrived at police headquarters on Sept. 6 and said that she was bumped into earlier in the day at the Buddy Baseball game, which enables children with disabilities to compete with their baseball buddies.

"She thought it was odd, so we talked to Mr. Kahn, who was the person who bumped into her," Husak said. "It sounds like it was just a mistake, where they were kind of back to back and one of them went to turn around to walk away and didn't realize someone was right behind them and bumped into them. It didn't appear to be anything criminal. It didn't appear to be anything out of the ordinary. So it was just probably some sort of misunderstanding. But she was concerned about that, so she came in just to document the issue."

Husak said no charges are being pressed.