Tell the public more about Save A Life

Letter to the Editor
Published: 8/3/2009 12:10 AM

The Daily Herald recently published a report about the Save A Life Foundation that included statements by the organization's founder/president, Carol Spizzirri ("Suit dropped as Save A Life changes mission," July 17, 2009). The article described an ABC 7 report by Chuck Goudie that "questioned Spizzirri's credentials and said the foundation, which received millions of dollars in government money and corporate donations, was misappropriating funds."

I was married to Carol Spizzirri from 1968-1981, when we divorced. Since 1993, I have repeatedly contacted elected officials in Illinois and elsewhere in an attempt to bring to light misrepresentations made by the Save A Life Foundation. In that spirit, I urge the Daily Herald to report further on this subject.

Gordon T. Pratt