Images are graphic, so is abortion

Letter to the Editor
Published: 7/28/2009 12:01 AM

As one of the people to bring the "Face the Truth Tour" on abortion to Illinois, I respond to the "Graphic protests generate complaints" column in the Daily Herald.

Our efforts are 100 percent educational, not protests. Graphic yes, because the truth about abortion is graphic.

The child whose life is ended in a violent action has no voice. We are that voice. We are not interested in winning any popularity contest, but rather show what the media will never show, the true face of abortion. What it does to the child, and the often misled mother. History has shown that for holocausts and injustices to end, the people must first see what occurs.

This was our 10th year of 24 stops across Illinois; from Chicago to Barrington to Joliet and over 240 stops in between. Many thank us, but far more important are the lives saved from people who tell us "your pictures have made us decide not to go through with the abortion we had planned."

Phyllis and I have been blessed with 27 grandchildren. All from the age of reason have seen the same pictures we show on our tour. The Pro Life message will not harm children. They see the truth that some adults do not; that the smallest and weakest among us have less value and can be discarded. They know that it is a baby, and realize that it is wrong to kill the baby.

Many children participate on our tour. Better a child temporarily upset than a baby die. When the killing stops, I will be happy to go home and watch the Cubs/Sox or the local football game. Until then I am grateful to be the voice of the most persecuted in our society, with an unspeakable crime, the innocent and defenseless child.

James Finnegan