Should society be part of this lie?

Letter to the Editor
Published: 4/27/2009 12:06 AM

Letter writer Bryan Thompson argues that homosexuals want equality with heterosexuals in regard to subjects like marriage. He cannot understand why anyone would oppose such a goal.

Many commentaries have answered similar questions, and yet people such as Thompson keep asking them again and again. Perhaps, that in itself offers a clue to the answer: the homosexual's resistance to reality.

The purpose of marriage is to protect children. A legalized coupling between homosexuals protects nothing. The state has no interest in protecting behavior which produces nothing of value to society like children. On the other hand, the state has a great interest in suppressing behaviors which threaten important social institutions like marriage.

Marriage preceded the state. The state did not create the institution. In a sense, the institution created the state. That is to say, the family created the model for living in an ordered and productive community. The state has no right to redefine marriage, as it has no right to redefine a dog as an elephant or a male as a female. In other words, the state has no right to redefine reality. Deliberately calling a man a woman or a dog an elephant constitutes an abuse of language, which ordinary people call a 'lie.' And therein lays the problem. Not only is homosexuality an abuse of sex in the same sense that a lie is an abuse of language, but homosexuals demand that the rest of society participate in this lie with them.

George Kocan