Thankfully, not all agree with Obama

Letter to the Editor
Published: 4/11/2009 12:00 AM

I say thank God for the GOP naysayers, Mr. Posey of Buffalo Grove. They represent our voices, those of us who do not necessarily agree in part or in full with the what, how or why of the new administration. There would be no check and balance without them. Assuming the GOP were "yes" sayers, the voices of a democratic society would be lost, and we would bypass socialism and go straight to communism.

I frankly don't want the government to run my life, and that is what the Democratic Party would like to do. I am capable of doing that for myself. So while you say the GOP is undermining the president's "valiant efforts" I say WAY TO GO GOP naysayers! Thanks for being my voice!

Regarding Card Check, I agree with Mr. Viohl of Barrington. Unions and government don't create jobs, businesses do. What you did not mention, Mr. Viohl, is that Mr. Obama helped bring this bill to Congress several years ago, and continues to support it today. As John Stossel said in his March 4 column "he handed it to the union on a platter and it goes beyond outrageous."

Speaking of unions the teachers union is a large financial supporter of the Democratic Party, supporting their contribution by means of union dues. Unless a teacher signs a yearly document requesting otherwise, their dues will automatically be used accordingly.

And we wonder why most students are junior Democrats in the making. Teaching politics during cooking, math, gym and language classes, political science aside, is unacceptable. It is their job to teach our children, not give their political opinions.

Constance Dean

Lake Zurich