Siblings support incumbent Arlington Hts. mayor over their brother

Published: 4/3/2009 12:07 AM

It's only a negative ad to one person.

This week, Philip Walter's brother and sister took out an ad in the Daily Herald endorsing Walter's challenger for village president, incumbent Arlene Mulder - although they did misspell her name.

"Tim Walter and Sue Walter MacIsaac, Arlington Heights residents and siblings to mayoral candidate Phil Walter are endorsing Arlington Heights Mayor Arlene Muldor in the 2009 mayoral race," the ad in Thursday's paper states in part.

Mulder has never met Tim. She met Sue - who has a Mulder campaign sign in her yard - for the first time on Wednesday when she was going door-to-door campaigning.

"She didn't say anything about this ad," Mulder said. "I was surprised, but I think they are happy with the community and the way things are going, which is why they're supporting me."

Sue couldn't be reached Thursday. Tim, an Arlington Heights resident for 39 years, said the ad "was nothing against my brother.

"Generally speaking the mayor is doing a better job and would make a better leader," said Tim, who last saw his brother at a candidate forum March 14.

Philip Walter said he would comment after seeing the ad, but later didn't return phone calls.

The ad is also running today, Sunday and Monday in some sections of the Daily Herald's Neighbor section at a cost of $237.84.