Religion still doesn't belong in school

Letter to the Editor
Published: 2/21/2009 9:38 PM

I would like to thank Edward Newell of Schaumburg for his response to my letter to Fence Post. However, I would like to give him another chance to respond, because he did not address the issue at hand. In my original letter, I expressed the opinion that a belief in intelligent design is a personal and religious choice, not a scientific theory.

As such, intelligent design has no place being taught in public school science classes. I did not express my own religious belief in that posting because, frankly, my personal beliefs are irrelevant. Unfortunately, rather than respond to my opinion in a direct way, Mr. Newell decided to attack my personal values which where not mentioned - a fact that would have been obvious to him if he had read my letter thoroughly. In fact, Mr. Newell assumed - because I believe that only scientific principles should be taught in school - that I am faithless; I do not believe in any type of afterlife; and that I do not live a life of service. That's quite a list of inferences, which are all incorrect, and which only serve to divert attention from the issue at hand. Therefore, Mr. Newell, please refocus on the original issue and respond: Since, by law, religious beliefs are not to be taught in public school, please explain how you believe that the idea of intelligent design qualifies as a scientific principle. This time, I will thank you to please leave personal attacks out of your response.

Lisa Williams