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Duncan DuClos, Gurnee
By Mick Zawislak | Daily Herald Staff

Katie Olsen and Duncan DuClose of Gurnee


Katie Olsen and Duncan DuClose of Gurnee


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Published: 1/20/2009 12:01 AM

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"I was looking for a change in career back in early 2007 and the opportunity to work in what was then the (Obama) exploration committee came up," says Duncan DuClos of Gurnee.

He was hired into the campaign as the accounting manager in the Chicago headquarters. "It was quite serendipitous, really."

DuClos said he is interested in politics and worked the floor at the 1996 Democratic Convention in Chicago.

He said he had a feeling about a month before the election that Obama would win. After work on Election Day, he and other staffers went to Grant Park for the acceptance speech.

On Tuesday, he'll be in the standing area on the Capitol grounds. The "seat" won't be as good as in Grant Park but this time he won't be on duty and will have time for reflection.

"This time I have no responsibilities. I'm looking forward to enjoying the experience instead of immediately thinking, 'What's next?'"

On that point, he will be looking forward to the possibilities that come with a change in regimes.

"It's such an exciting thing for the country in terms of fulfilling the promise," he said.

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