Mom seeks answers in son's death, files lawsuit

Published: 12/28/2008 12:04 AM

A suburban mother is suing a car dealership and a nightclub in an attempt to discover what happened the night her son died.

Kevin Devuono of Tinley Park was 26 when he died two years ago in a parked car in Chicago after overdosing on alcohol and a prescription painkiller. He had been drinking at a night spot with a co-worker from a car dealership.

Later that night, a tow-truck driver discovered him and called for help, but the young man was dead by the time he got to a hospital.

Mary Ellen Skinulis' lawsuit claims her son's drinking buddy left him helpless in a dealership-owned car, slashed a tire and called a towing company. She wants to know why more wasn't done to help her son.

The lawsuit was filed in Cook County. No criminal charges were ever filed.