Rebuttal to letter about Obama's faith

Letter to the Editor
Published: 11/28/2008 12:00 AM

Roberta Kemp (Nov. 19) claims that my Nov. 15 letter on Barack Obama's faith was outrageous and that I am uniformed. Vile personal attacks are typical of leftists.

If Roberta would do a search of "Black Liberation Theology" (BLT) on the Internet, she would find that what I wrote was correct. She would find that BLT is a Marxist, racist, hate-filled cult. James Cone, the inventor of BLT, focuses on skin color and ignores the good news of Jesus that salvation, eternal life with God and forgiveness of sins is found only by faith in Jesus Christ.

Rev. Wright was an apostle of BLT since his days in seminary and his church is considered to be a model BLT church. Obama listened to Rev Wright fulminations for 20 years and only dumped Wright when his views were exposed. The United Church of Christ has pastors who have a wide range of theologies and BLT is one of them. Just by calling Wright's church a UCC church does not make Obama's and Wright's theology respectable.

Robert Graham