Media out of touch, not the Republicans

Letter to the Editor
Published: 11/28/2008 12:00 AM

Ms. Kathleen Parker, in her column on Nov. 20, suggests that the GOP lost because of religious conservatives and their beliefs dominating the party, and are therefore out of touch with mainstream voters. She also does her share of elitist Sarah Palin bashing. What mainstream voters do not understand and informed voters must not forget is that the GOP candidates are up against an overwhelmingly biased media that does not perform impartial reporting and evenhanded editorializing. Including the constant left-biased criticism from The View, Saturday Night Live and late night talk show hosts. Also, an educational system from college through grade school that is left-leaning and critical of America in its teaching to our children. Last, but not least, left-wing PACs pouring vast sums of money into this election, outspending GOP candidates in ads, commercials and Barack Obama's prime time infomercial. Even with all this, 46 percent of American voters could not be swayed.

Mari Russell