Don't dismantle Zion reactor site

Letter to the Editor
Published: 6/15/2008 12:02 AM

Zion nuclear reactors and the site is to be completely dismantled while the public needs energy!

Tens of billions of our dollars were spent to ensure a seismically stable location for safe electrical generation by these two three-loop nuclear reactors.

We have assisted Chicago's Daily Herald newspaper writers about the Zion steam generator lawsuit, before and after court sealing of the Commonwealth / Westinghouse "deal."

Is Zion not interested ?

Has Zion given up ?

It is not too late to have public meetings in Zion.

I have credentials to help. I was the Westinghouse senior engineer assigned for all the Commonwealth Edison Company nuclear reactor sites:

Zion, Bryon, Braidwood, Dresden, Quad Cities, LaSalle, and the Caroll County Units that were awarded to Westinghouse and then withdrawn by Commonwealth Edison Company.

David Hollein

Barrington Hills