Ask Cole about background checks

Letter to the Editor
Published: 5/24/200 11:04 AM

When state Rep. Sandy Cole voted against extending Brady background checks to all handgun purchasers (HB 758), she voted against requiring a background check on each and every handgun sale. Our postcard simply alerted her constituents to this fact.

While the Illinois FOID "permit to purchase" card does require a background check before issuance, it is the only background check required for the next 10 years until someone must renew his or her FOID card. This allows people to pass a criminal background check today but fall into a prohibited class tomorrow. In fact, the Illinois State Police have verified that more than 1,000 FOID card holders were able to purchase guns (although) they fell into a prohibited category after issuance of their FOID card.

A background check on the handgun purchaser, on each and every sale of a handgun, is needed to ensure dangerous people don't get access to dangerous guns.

If Rep. Cole supports background checks for all private sales at gun shows, then what is her problem in extending the checks to all private sellers? Call her and ask her.

Brian Malte

State legislation and

politics director,

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Washington DC