No rebate checks to illegal immigrants?

Letter to the Editor
Published: 3/6/2008 12:19 AM

According to the Daily Herald, language has been put into the rebate check legislation designed to prevent illegal immigrants from getting rebate checks.

I'm not the brightest senior citizen around, but in my lifetime of filing returns, I can't remember having to answer a question on my Form 1040 to determine whether I was a citizen or a resident alien.

The Form 1040 instructions state the rules apply to US citizens, regardless of where they live, and resident aliens.

Issuance of rebate checks will be based on the 2007 Tax Returns that could include filings by illegal immigrants with illegal Social Security numbers.

Am I naive to think that the IRS can differentiate between a US citizen's or resident alien's return and one filed by an illegal alien?

Robert Oberwetter

Mount Prospect