Undermines union goals with SOAP

Letter to the Editor
Published: 2/16/2008 2:17 PM

It is very disturbing to learn that the co-chairman of Speak Out Against Prejudice is Arnoldo Fabela, who is a paid union organizer for SEIU Local 1, which is a (private industrial workers) union in Elgin.

He had led the march in Elgin when illegal aliens protested for their "rights." He was also highly involved when the marchers came from Chicago to Dennis Hastert's office, and received compliments from the LaRaza of Chicago.

I thought the purpose of unions was to support legal American workers and their wages. However, he marches for the illegals in this country. Could it be the unions want more money, to keep the wages down, and so continue to support the illegals and get them into the unions?

Jane Knutter