Secular arguments against abortion

Letter to the Editor
Published: 12/27/2007 12:02 AM

Every year about this time it seems our papers are littered with stories such as the recent article by Barbara Muehlhausen entitled, "Religion Shouldn't Control Abortion."

Opposition to abortion does not depend on a foundation of religious faith.

Many people who profess a variety of religious beliefs or even no religion oppose the direct taking of innocent human life.

Defenders of abortion concentrate heavily on religious arguments against abortion and generally ignore the secular arguments because they have no real answers.

When human life begins is not a matter of dogma or religion; it is a scientific fact provable in any laboratory that life begins at conception.

There is obviously no point after conception when any credible line can be drawn to say now this is more human than before.

All stages of life from conception onward are human and always will be human. Since abortion is primarily a moral issue, the question our nation needs to ask is: How do we justify killing innocent human life?

Abortion procedures have taken roughly 40 million unborn babies since 1973, and was a crime under English Common Law and was also a crime in America until 1973.

The United States is the only country in the Western world that has legalized abortion not by popular vote or legislative action but by judicial fiat. Unelected judges have no place deciding issues such as abortion; the framers of our Constitution specifically set up the judiciary to interpret the Constitution, not to make law.

Thank God our Constitution allows people of religious faith and no faith to express their views and vote in accordance with those views.

If you think abortion is a good idea and was not available, then persuade your fellow citizens to adopt it through the Congress and the legislative branch of our government but don't complain when citizens of this great country exercise their right of free speech.

Larry O'Neill