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Nicaricos: 'You are very special people'
Published: 11/10/200 6:07 PM | Updated: 11/10/2009 8:56 PM

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A statement from the Nicarico family - Tom and Pat, and their daughters Chris and Kathy.

Regardless of the verdict, we'd first like to thank the jury for their service and dedication. We are sure that many of them likely suffered unwanted emotional or financial consequences during these past five weeks.

Next we must express our profound gratitude for the tireless support that we have received from family, friends and the community at large since 1983. As we have said before, they have given us the strength and resilience to get through the seemingly endless twists and turns of the past quarter century.

Also we very much appreciate the efforts of the many law enforcement and legal professionals who have worked sincerely over the years toward a just resolution of this crime.

At this time we need to thank you, the media, too. During this most recent trial, your respect for our privacy has been very much noted.

Lastly, words do not convey the gratitude and empathy we feel toward those very brave women - Dugan's surviving victims - who came forward and testified during these proceedings.

They tore off the scabs from the emotion and psychological wounds which they had been trying to heal for many years. They exposed the rawness of their very personal pain and revisited humiliations and inner fears in an effort to ease ours.

You are very special people in our hearts.

Thank you.