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Lauzen best choice for Congress
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 12/14/2007 12:29 AM

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Chris Lauzen is just the combination of youth, experience, leadership and talent that we need to make an outstanding replacement for Denny Hastert as Congressman from the 14th District.

He has served as state senator from Aurora for 15 years. He knows how the legislative system works.

He is a graduate of Duke University. He has an MBA from Harvard. He is a CPA and had his own accounting firm for 14 years. He reduced property taxes on VFW and American Legion posts by 85 percent. He was the only senator to speak out against and vote "no" on the two-thirds tuition discounts to sons of illegal immigrants.

He started an "Illinois Pork Busters" club in the Senate that seeks to cut $5 million in waste from the state budget. He was a lead co-sponsor of the 50-year solution to the $20 billion unfunded liability problem in the five state wide pension plans.

He is a ranking Republican on the Revenue Committee. He has helped create a business climate in Illinois where the private sector can maintain and create more jobs paying higher wages.

He more than doubled the state funding for public education in his senate district over the past 15 years.

He sponsored, and got passed into state law, the largest employment tax decrease in 15 years which kept over $250 million of excess unemployment insurance premiums in the Illinois economy.

Illinois is the 46th worst state in the country for a doctor to be a malpractice defendant in. The State Trail Lawyers Association controls the Democratic Party and they have maintained this very bad lobbyist situation that is driving doctors out of Illinois because of high malpractice insurance rates in the state. Lauzen has fought very aggressively against this control.

We need a congressman from the 14th District who is willing to exert leadership in the Congress, not just look for consensus and call it leadership. Lauzen is just the man to do this.

There is special primary scheduled for Feb. 5, 2008, which Lauzen has to win to run in the election that will actually decide who will fill out the remainder of Hastert's term. This second election may also be voted on the same day as the primary election.

Vote for Chris Lauzen on Feb. 5 and help bring back some leadership in the Congress that is sorely needed.

Chuck Barr, Jr.

St. Charles