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Aurora mayor defends his actions over clinic
By Amy Boerema | Daily Herald Staff
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Published: 10/10/2007 12:01 AM

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An emotional Mayor Tom Weisner defended his actions -- and character -- on Tuesday, after a two-hour public comment session in which the vast majority of speakers ripped his handling of the Planned Parenthood issue.

"You may think that your view is not respected by myself," he said. "You'd be incorrect."

The city's outside review -- all three parts of it -- showed no legal basis to deny the clinic an occupancy permit, he said. Thus, the permit was granted.

Furthermore, he said, council votes aren't taken on the city's zoning and permit process or other administrative processes.

While Weisner said he respects people's right to question the validity of the reports, many of their comments, "are, from a legal standpoint, arguable."

"Our role is to try to uphold the law," he said.

And despite some people's claims, he said, there was no conspiracy on his end -- he and other aldermen were "simply trying to do the right thing."

"We've heard many things tonight about myself being a crooked politician and that I stand with Planned Parenthood," he said. "My position is not to stand with anyone."

He also called out those who were judgmental of him --many of whom repeatedly referred to the Bible and Christianity -- hinting such innuendo was irreconcilable with the notion of being a Christian.

No matter what the outcome of the city's appeal process, he predicted, "ultimately, (this issue) will probably be resolved in court."