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Death Penalty hearing up next
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Published: 5/11/2007

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With the guilty verdict against Juan Luna in, the jury will now hear arguments about whether to put him to death.

Next week, the prosecution will put on witnesses to show the brutality of Luna's crime and its impact on the victims' families as paramount reasons he should be executed.

The defense will put witnesses on the stand to argue his life should be spared. They might try to blame most of the killings on alleged accomplice Jim Degorski and paint Luna as an unwitting tagalong.

Degorski has yet to be tried and has pleaded not guilty.

Luna's family members or friends are also expected to testify about his relatively law-abiding life since the notorious slayings 14 years ago.

The jury will make the final decision after additional deliberations. A unanimous verdict is required to give Luna the death penalty. A hung jury will mean Luna gets life in prison without the possibility of parole.