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Peraica, Schneider blow whistle with tweets
By Ted Cox | Daily Herald Staff
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Published: 9/28/2010 12:02 AM

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A handful of the 17 Cook County commissioners have active Twitter accounts, but only Republicans Tony Peraica of Riverside and Timothy Schneider of Bartlett tend to tweet during county-board meetings.

Peraica has policed his account, with more than 2,500 followers, since being accused of using Twitter for electioneering during a board meeting last year, but can still fire off a salvo from time to time, such as this recent tweet linking to a story on Rod Blagojevich: "Shut up Blago! You have no shame: Ousted governor-turned-felon to talk trust."

He's also not above using his Twitter account for electioneering on his own time, recently posting: "Stroger and Daley gone, Burke and Madigan to go. Now is the time for the voters of Cook County to unite and make history."

Schneider, at for the 15th District with just over 300 followers, opened the Sept. 1 meeting with the tweet: "We're discussing checks that have been cut to vendors before the board approved those payments. Huge mistake made, par for the course." Peraica instantly referred to how Chief Financial Officer Jaye Williams "dropped a bomb" with that news.

Other recent Schneider tweets have included: "Board awards contract to politically connected highest bidder. The gravy train rolls on." And: "The board once again awards a contract to the highest bidder. And we wonder why there's no trust in county government."