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Another week, another absurd Ozzie rant
By Barry Rozner | Daily Herald Columnist
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Published: 8/20/2010 12:00 AM

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In the world of Ozzie Guillen, it's usually, "Heads I win, tails you lose," where he is truly behind the organization, win or tie.

So having hit their first rough patch since a torrid streak began in June, Guillen is back to where he was in April and May, placing the blame at the feet of management, namely GM Kenny Williams.

And it's really unbecoming for a man who just a week ago was in the running for AL Manager of the Year.

Like a child going through the terrible twos, Guillen is happy when it's sunshine and lollipops, and lashing out when he doesn't get his way.

He was already given a timeout once this year when Jerry Reinsdorf told him to stop feeding negative and incorrect information to the press designed to make the front office, especially Williams, look foolish.

That worked for awhile, but now he's back to ripping Williams.

In pretending to take the blame for dumping Jim Thome, Guillen is, of course, placing the blame on Williams, revising history in true Ozzie fashion.

It was Guillen last year who threw Williams under the bus several times publicly, complaining about the base-cloggers and lack of flexibility.

So this time Williams gave Guillen precisely what he wanted, but not without first asking Guillen one final time during SoxFest if Guillen was sure he didn't want Thome on the roster.

Guillen took the weekend to ponder, and ultimately said, "No."

OK, that's the way it goes. Maybe that will be the difference between the Sox winning and losing this year, and maybe it won't.

That's baseball. You make a decision and live with it. Sometimes you're right, sometimes you're wrong.

What's the big deal?

Williams admits these mistakes all the time, but obviously Guillen can't do it.

Thing is, no one's crucifying Guillen for it, and just because Thome's had some big hits for the Twins, it doesn't mean it would have worked for the Sox playing on an everyday basis.

Hardly anyone expected Thome to return because of his age, injury history and inconsistent production.

So why the absurd Guillen outburst in Minnesota? Because Guillen just doesn't like being criticized, or even the prospect of it.

That's one thing, but saying he's the only guy man enough to take the blame is not at all taking the blame.

Once again, you have to wonder if he's trying to get himself fired, and what he thinks is out there waiting for him.

Atlanta doesn't seem like the right fit, and Florida is a disaster waiting to happen, having to play for control freaks like owner Jeff Loria and team president David Samson.

Guillen's never going to have it better than he has it here, but there are times like this week when it just feels like he'd rather be somewhere else.

Stocking stuffer

White Sox fans can take a deep breath today having salvaged the final game in Minnesota with a pounding of the Twins on Thursday by Paul Konerko, and getting a great outing from Mark Buehrle.

They're 4 games out, with a quarter of the season to play, and the Twins' pitching hardly scares you.

If the Sox can get their bullpen healthy and back on track, it should be a heck of a race.

Floyd v. Minny

Gavin Floyd is now 4-7 in 12 career starts against Minnesota with a 4.93 ERA and a homer allowed every 5.4 innings.

Against the rest of the American League, Floyd is 33-27 with a 3.98 ERA and a home run allowed every 8.4 innings.


The long and grinding road has taken Lou Piniella to a place where even when he tries to defend the Cubs, he makes a mess of it.

While explaining that the team and its owners have done plenty to make sure the players are happy and comfortable with all the necessary amenities - and that Wrigley Field is not the problem - he let it slip this week that the players had caviar on the buffet.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with it and there's nothing relevant about it as it relates to winning and losing.

But from a perception standpoint it's just insane to unnecessarily share this information with a fan base already angry about a wretched season.

Striking Gould

Rush kicker Chris Gould - brother of the Bears' Robbie - was named AFL Kicker of the Year on Thursday.

Cue the music

E-mailer Bob K.: "When asked why he prefers to stay retired rather than sign with the Bears, Todd Collins said it would be safer to go chumming with Chief Brody than stand behind the Bears' offensive line."

Best headline "LeBron lucky no one in Cleveland reads GQ.''

Just asking

Wait, you mean the last four months, Derrek Lee was actually still with the Cubs?

And finally ...

S.F. Chronicle's Scott Ostler: "Al Davis compared this year's Raiders to his 1980 team that won the Super Bowl. Davis is being modest. This year's Raiders would wax that team. (Heck), Jim Plunkett is 62."

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