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New product is literally Round Lake man's dream come true
By Kim Mikus | Daily Herald Columnist

Aaron Hechtman of Round Lake invented the MycroMat, a combination of a pot holder and place mat.


Mark Welsh | Staff Photographer

Aaron Hechtman, who grew up in Buffalo Grove, is marketing the MycroMat, a product he developed based on a dream.


Mark Welsh | Staff Photographer

The MycroMat makes picking up hot bowls and cups easy.


Photo courtesy MycroMat

Aaron Hechtman, who grew up in Buffalo Grove, developed his MycroMat place mat based on a dream.



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Published: 8/12/2010 12:00 AM

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The idea for a Round Lake man's invention was sparked by a vivid dream he had several years ago.

Aaron Hechtman dreamed he went to Walgreens and purchased a product to make picking up hot items from the microwave easier.

"I remember in my dream that I felt a sense of relief after I used the product," he said.

The dream prompted Hechtman, a Stevenson High School graduate, to search for the product on the Internet and in stores. When he couldn't find what he was looking for, he decided to create it.

His dream slowly turned into reality. Hechtman invented and then launched the MycroMat, a combination oven mitt and place mat.

Shortly after the dream, he created the silicone product and contacted a patent attorney. He then found a company in China to help create a prototype and mass produce it.

He explained that the MycroMat is intended to help you grab something out of the microwave and bring it over to the table.

"The bowl finds its resting place on the center, or trivet, of the MycroMat. When you let go of the arms of the MycroMat it forms back into a seamless silicone place mat," he said.

The tagline for the product is "the solution," the entrepreneur said.

"When you go to the microwave, you never have to worry about how to pick up something that's hot," he said.

The MycroMat sells for $12 or four for $40. He will start selling the product at the Buffalo Grove Days arts and crafts fair in the beginning of September.

Hechtman, who grew up in Buffalo Grove, is working to have the product sold on QVC this holiday season.

"And I hope to get it into Walgreens stores. Then my entire dream would come true," he said.

For the past seven years, Hechtman has operated his own video company, Crystal Ball Creations focusing on producing wedding videos.

He graduated from Illinois Center for Broadcasting in Lombard before starting the video business.

Hechtman believes the insulated oven mat is going to be a hit.

"I know it's going to take off," he said.

For more information, check out or call (847) 275-1701.