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Rice is nice for Fourth of July
Desperation Dinners
By Beverly Mills and Alicia Ross | Columnists
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Published: 6/30/2010 12:00 AM

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If you're going to have an all-American July 4, we would like to suggest you throw in a little geographic diversity. We figure lots of people will be grilling for the Fourth, and more than likely, big hunks of all-American meat will find their way to the fire. Today's rice pilaf is inspired by a Guatemalan recipe that Alicia's girls ate daily when they visited Antigua, Guatemala, several years ago.

We have turned to Guatemalan-Style Rice so many times when we've needed that extra something added to our starchy side. It pairs well with just about any type of protein. It's a heady mix of vegetables with some chicken broth to round things out, but for a purely vegetarian celebration, vegetable broth is also delicious. (Black beans scream for the starring role here.)

If you happen to prefer to keep things on a classic Fourth of July American theme, check out Mrs. McDaniel's Potato Salad on our website at

A nice medley of red-ripe tomatoes will round out your feast. And what about an ice-cream sundae for dessert? Sounds like a celebration!

Suggested menu: Guatemalan-Style Rice with grilled meat of choice and sliced tomatoes.

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