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Red light traffic cameras "on" in Libertyville
By Mick Zawislak | Daily Herald Staff
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Published: 5/9/2010 12:01 AM

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Enforcement of red-light camera violations at four major intersections in Libertyville began Saturday.

Motorists will get a break for the first two weeks as warnings only will be issued. Citations carrying a $100 fine will be issued beginning May 22.

Cameras were placed at Milwaukee Avenue and Peterson Road; Milwaukee and Artaius Boulevard; Peterson and Butterfield Road and Route 45 and Peterson Road based on traffic studies that included several years of accident history.

Violations will be reviewed and approved by a Libertyville police officer before a ticket is issued. Tickets will be given for vehicles that go straight through the intersection or turn left on red.

Violations of right turns on red, a controversial aspect of the cameras in some communities, will not be pursued in Libertyville.

"While right turn on red violations are a concern, there is not currently enough supportive data to justify the use of red light cameras for their enforcement at these specific locations," according to Libertyville police.

The registered owner of the vehicle is liable for the violation regardless of who was driving, police said. The ticket does not affect the owner's driving record unless he or she accumulates five or more unpaid red-light camera violations.

Those issued tickets can review photos and video of the alleged violation online and can request a hearing with a retired judge hired by the village.

Police say they will analyze the number of crashes at these intersections every year to determine the effect of the red-light cameras.