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Bulls watch: Give up the Calipari stuff
By Mike McGraw | Daily Herald Staff
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Published: 5/6/2010 8:58 PM

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Here's a glance at some of the latest developments as the Bulls search for a new coach and prepare to court top free agents:

On the wrong path: Can everyone please stop writing about John Calipari and the Bulls? It's not going to happen and these stories exist only to coax Kentucky into giving him a raise. The guy is an excellent recruiter of high school talent, not an NBA coach.

Just think logically: Is LeBron James really going to leave a 60-game winner in Cleveland for the privilege of playing for his good buddy Calipari? Of course not. James likely will leave Metro Akron for a larger market someday, but not this summer.

JVG keeps talking: Jeff Van Gundy hasn't come out and said directly that he'd like to have the Bulls' coaching job. But he has done far too many Chicago media interviews lately to not be interested. Here's what he said on WMVP 1000-AM:

"I just know this, they've got good people running their organization who I think didn't handle the Vinny Del Negro situation well. But that doesn't mean that they're not very good at what they do."

Location change for Bosh: According to the Toronto Star, future free agent Chris Bosh changed his Twitter location from Toronto to Everywhere. So he must be planning to leave the Raptors. Also from Twitter, Bosh is thinking about getting an iPad.