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Fittest losers plan for new look as weight comes off
By Kent McDill | Daily Herald Correspondent

Jan Vitullo


Bob Chwedyk | Staff Photographer

Frank Valenti


Mark Welsh | Staff Photographer

Mike Anderson


Mark Welsh | Staff Photographer

Deb Mirabelli


Bob Chwedyk | Staff Photographer

Wendy Kreiser


Bill Zars | Staff Photographer

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Published: 5/10/2010 12:14 AM

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One of the best parts about losing weight is seeing the change in how your clothing fits.

Our five Fittest Loser competitors are finding that out as their three-month weight-loss contest nears its end. The suburban men and women have been following a workout and diet program led by Push Fitness in Schaumburg.

Their final weigh-in is approaching, but they've already seen the results.

What has that meant for their wardrobes? Some are buying new clothes, some are getting rid of old clothes and others are simply waiting - eager for a wardrobe shopping spree after they lose even more weight.

Here's what they had to say:

Mike Anderson, 23, of Palatine

Current weight: 328

Weight lost: 50 pounds

"I figured I would get to my goal weight before really going shopping because I didn't want new clothes to not fit in a few months. I gave away some of the old clothes to Goodwill but I just couldn't seem to part ways with that Payton jersey hanging in the closet."

Wendy Kreiser, 25, of Streamwood

Current weight: 325

Weight lost: 22 pounds

"My clothes are without a doubt baggier. I kept a lot of my clothes from before I had my last two children, although I haven't been able to wear them. I tried them on a week ago and they fit. That's three pants sizes smaller! I'm very proud of that. I think I will donate most of my bigger clothing to or I want to see more results before I splurge on a new wardrobe."

Deb Mirabelli, 44, of Berwyn

Current weight: 213

Weight lost: 23 pounds

"Most of what I have bought so far has been sweats for the workouts. But I did buy a couple new outfits for spring because my clothes just don't fit the same way anymore. I really haven't bought a whole new wardrobe yet. I keep tightening the belts when needed because I wanted to wait until the end of the contest when spring/summer season would be starting. Also, we are going on vacation in June and I wanted to save up for new clothes to take to Disney World.

"I have NO PLANS to ever wear those old clothes anymore. I'm looking forward to the "season switch" soon so that I can get rid of even more from last summer!"

Frank Valenti, 54, of Bartlett

Current weight: 252

Weight lost: 43 pounds

"So far, I've only bought a brand new suit for my daughter's bridal shower because my old one was way too big! My new suit fits me perfectly, and this was the first time that I didn't need any alterations. I was so excited and felt like a new man. Everyone was giving me compliments on my new look.

"Other than that, I haven't gone shopping for new clothes because I'm expecting to lose more weight. Instead, I've just been tightening my belt and I've been looking like a clown with big clothes on ... but I'm a happy clown. I haven't thrown out my old clothes yet, because I'm having a hard time believing that isn't me anymore."

Jan Vitullo, 50, of Lombard

Current weight: 198

Weight lost: 34 pounds

"About the only good thing about having a very boring closet full of 22 pairs of black pants and too many black shirts to count is that they are all in various sizes, so I'm just making my way back to the ones that hadn't fit for a while.

"I haven't lost enough weight yet to send me out shopping, although I look forward to the day when I literally 'have nothing to wear' because everything is too big rather than too snug! For the first time in awhile I'm actually comfortable in my clothes, and getting dressed no longer an anxiety-filled part of my day."