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Cook commissioners back Ariz. boycott
By Ted Cox | Daily Herald Staff
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Published: 4/30/2010 2:03 PM | Updated: 4/30/2010 4:44 PM

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Two Latino Cook County commissioners are proposing a boycott of Arizona firms over that state's controversial new immigration law.

Chicago Democrats Edwin Reyes and Joseph Mario Moreno are proposing the resolution, to be considered at a county board meeting Tuesday, which would call for the county to stop doing business with any firm based in Arizona.

It gives the county purchasing agent 30 days to identify any contracts with Arizona firms and terminate those contracts.

Reyes granted that it wasn't clear how much business the county does with Arizona firms, but he said finding out was the intention of the resolution, along with trying to "see if there's any way we can put the pressure on Arizona."

The new Arizona law requires citizens to carry identification and any immigration documents at all times and has been widely criticized for leading to potential racial profiling by police. Reyes and Moreno's resolution calls the law "offensive" and says it "puts extremist politics before public safety, and betrays our most deeply held American values."

The resolution also calls on Gov. Pat Quinn and the General Assembly to adopt a similar boycott for state business with Arizona firms.