Hsu story merits far more coverage

Letter to the Editor
Published: 9/14/2007 12:31 AM

Congratulations! You finally printed something about "Hillraiser" Norman Hsu, leading fundraiser for Hillary Clinton and the democrat party. You noted in a small blurb on page two that he skipped bail and failed to show up for a court hearing in California. Too bad the story was a week old by then. You should be ashamed for not mentioning this scandal earlier. This reminds me of the good old Clinton days when their other Chinese fundraisers left the country before investigating authorities could question them.

Also, how you prioritize news stories is totally beyond me. While Mr. Hsu languished on page two you ran a riveting story on page one about some guy in Florida who pretended to be an obscure baseball player nobody ever heard of.

David Van Singel

Long Grove