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Why can't we keep campaigns positive?
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 1/30/2010 10:43 PM

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As a voter in the 14th Congressional District, I have been following the campaigns of Hultgren and Hastert very closely.

After the last divisive Republican campaign season, I had hopes that these two candidates would honor their commitments to run positive campaigns. Hultgren's commitment is highlighted on his Web site with a Dec. 10 release stating, "While I expect the differences between experience and issues to be highlighted, I believe it is important that we keep this primary on a positive tone for the benefit of the Party and the voters."

Well, it looks like it only took six weeks for Hultgren to renege on his promise. He has now insinuated that Hastert would advocate human sex trafficking and human rights violations. What? I find such accusations highly offensive and deplorable.

Some may say, "Well, that's politics."

I say, "I'm tired of that kind of politics!"

Hultgren had several fine endorsements, yet chose to go negative against his word. I think that speaks to what he has "learned about politics from his acclaimed years of experience in Springfield."

I, for one, am ready to change the type of representative I send to Washington. This year, I want to send a fresh face, a fresh perspective and a fresh voice that has not been tainted by years in Illinois politics. I am voting for Ethan Hastert.

Katy Stoll