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Kirk's position on guns still isn't clear
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 1/19/2010 12:01 AM

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The Associated Press asked every Republican and Democratic candidate running in the Senate primaries the following question: "Please explain your views on gun control, including whether the federal ban on "assault weapons" should be revised."

The following is Mark Kirk's answer: "I support the Second Amendment and sensible measures to reduce illegal gun violence." Mark Kirk, you can't have it both ways. As a potential candidate for the Senate, we are entitled to know your position on assault weapons. Are you fearful of the conservative right and the NRA if you say that you are for a ban? Are you concerned about losing independents if you say the current law allowing assault weapons should stand? And your "support for the Second Amendment" is also unclear.

I support the Second Amendment but am against universal gun ownership. There are two interpretations of the Second Amendment: one is that every citizen is allowed to own guns; the other is that ownership is limited to militias. Which do you favor? Don't equivocate. Take a stand. Ambiguity and cop-out just don't measure up for anyone running for a Senate seat.

Stuart Kronish

Highland Park