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Who's on Illinois' Death Row
Daily Herald Staff Report

Rodney Adkins


Teodoro Baez


Dion Banks


Joseph Bannister


David Damm


Eric C. Hanson


Ricardo Harris


Laurence Lovejoy


Anthony Mertz


Daniel Ramsey


Gary Pate


Paul Runge


Cecil Sutherland


Andrew Urdiales


Brian Nelson


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Published: 11/11/2009 2:19 PM

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Former Gov. George Ryan emptied death row in 2003. Since then, 16 men were sentenced to death. One later committed suicide. Here are the remaining 15:

• Rodney Adkins, 46, for the 2003 murder of an Oak Park woman during a burglary.

• Teodoro Baez, 33, for a 1999 double murder in which the victims were dismembered with a samurai sword after a Chicago drug dispute.

• Dion Banks, 47, for the 2001 fatal shooting of a woman in front of her two young sons during a carjacking in the Ford City mall parking lot.

• Joseph Bannister, 40, for wounding his ex-girlfriend and killing her sister during a 2000 attack in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood.

• David Damm, 62, for the 2006 murder of a 13-year-old Waterloo girl he earlier raped.

• Eric C. Hanson, 32, for the 2005 murders of his parents, sister and brother-in-law in Aurora and Naperville.

• Ricardo Harris, 44, for the 1999 murder of two Oak Lawn liquor store clerks.

• *Laurence Lovejoy, 43, for the 2004 rape and murder of his stepdaughter, 16, in Aurora.

• Anthony Mertz, 33, for the 2001 murder of Rolling Meadows native Shannon McNamara, 21, in her off-campus apartment at Eastern Illinois University.

• Brian Nelson, 27, for killing his former girlfriend and three of her relatives outside Peotone in 2002.

• Gary Pate, 37, for the 2006 fatal shootings of his wife and stepdaughter in White County.

• Daniel Ramsey, 31, for the July 1996 shooting deaths of two girls, ages 16 and 12, and wounding his former girlfriend and three toddlers in Hancock County.

• Paul Runge, 39, for the 1997 sex slayings of a Chicago woman and her daughter, 10.

• Cecil Sutherland, 54, for the 1987 abduction, rape and murder of a 10-year-old girl in Jefferson County.

• Andrew Urdiales, 45, for the 1996 murder of a 21-year-old Hammond woman in Livingston County.

*Though state corrections officials still list Laurence Lovejoy on death row, the former DuPage County man won a near trial in 2009 after the Illinois Supreme Court cited reversible errors. Prosecutors are appealing that ruling.