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Cutler frustrated? Can you really blame him?
By Barry Rozner | Daily Herald Columnist

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler checks his mouth after being hit by Browns linebacker Kamerion Wimbley on Sunday. Cutler, under constant pressure, was sacked four times.


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Published: 11/4/2009 3:55 PM

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While we all focused on the beating Jay Cutler took Sunday from the hapless Browns, lost perhaps was Cutler's increasing inability during games to hide his disgust.

Not that anyone could blame him.

Problem is, this happened at times in Denver and was part of the reason he earned a negative reputation, even before he engineered his way out of town.

But the poor guy is getting killed, his old team is 6-1, and he has to be wondering what he's done to his career.

Furthermore, he has no help on the field, no Brandon Marshall, and he's getting booed for every interception, incompletion and miscommunication.

He looked quite frustrated Sunday, as though he felt like there was no point in getting his brains beat in for all it was accomplishing.

Once again, not that anyone could blame him.

Listening to him try to find an adjective Wednesday to describe his receiving corps was downright painful.

He doesn't know what he has there, and he's not alone. He especially doesn't know if they're going to get it when he audibles at the line.

Not exactly comforting for a QB trying to read a defense.

Still, he can't show up his teammates, even unintentionally, or a bad situation could escalate into something worse. You're probably thinking it can't get worse, but it can if Cutler goes off on his mates.

Not that anyone could blame him.

Saving Rob Ryan

Getting a chance to see Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan over the weekend, one can really see his father in him.

And Buddy Ryan can commiserate with his son, having gone through the same situation with the Bears in the late '70s and early '80s.

There were far too many games when the Bears had only Walter Payton on offense and not enough talent on defense, and Ryan's plan was to try to knock out every QB the opposition had dressed for the game - and anyone they knew within six counties.

The kitchen sink was in the backfield on every play, because it was the Bears' only chance for survival, and now it's that way in Cleveland.

Who knows what will become of him or where Rob Ryan goes from here, but let's hope if he leaves Cleveland that he brings his creative and attacking style to Chicago.

Lady's a champ

The Breeders' Cup desperately needed a storyline for 2009 and it got it when the connections for undefeated Zenyatta (13-0) placed her in the Classic against the boys, taking on the best horses in the world Saturday at Santa Anita (ESPN, 5:45 p.m.).

This is what we hoped for at Arlington in 2002 when the dominant Azeri wired the field in the Distaff (now called the "Ladies' Classic''), instead of taking on the best in the Breeders' Cup Classic, which was captured by Volponi at 43-1.

Two years later, when she wasn't the same horse, Azeri did go in the Classic and ran fifth behind the winner, Ghostzapper.

Now Zenyatta is at her best and taking on the big fellas. Even installed as the morning-line favorite, there aren't many who believe she has a chance with no female horse having won in the race's 25-year history.

But what a headline it would be if she pulled it off.

Fake out

There's plenty of talk in the horse racing industry that this will be the last Breeders' Cup run on a synthetic surface.

With every passing day, there is more dislike of the fake stuff - which is in place at Arlington - and there were owners and trainers who pulled out of the Cup this year because they didn't want their horses anywhere near it.

Bull stuff

The Bulls are leaving Tyrus Thomas (flu) home for the Cleveland trip, which sounds like a good idea - though not as good as leaving him for home for the season.

Outside the box

E-mailer Schaumburg Jay: "Greg Olsen gets overpowered next to the line and he's no help in protection, so why not just make him a wide receiver? He's got good hands, good speed and could be a good possession guy. Let the tight ends who can block play tight end, and Olsen can help on the edges. Why not maximize his talent?''

Card counting

E-mailer The Last Bear Fan points out that a photo of the Brian Piccolo 1969 Topps card still hangs in the Media Deck at Soldier Field, despite his first name being spelled, "Bryon.''

Granted, it was Topps' mistake, but is that the only picture the Bears could find?

Just offensive

E-mailer Bob. K.: "The Bears went above and beyond in their tribute to Walter Payton on Sunday by bringing back the line that featured no Pro Bowlers and got so many QBs killed. Still, having them play in front of Jay Cutler wasn't the best idea.''

Best headline "Shaq matches LeBron's triple-double with triple cheeseburger.''

Best impression's Mark Kriegel: "Funny thing happened to Mark Sanchez on his way to becoming The Next Broadway Joe. He became the next Bubby Brister.''

And finally-

S.F. Chronicle's Scott Ostler, imagining Mark McGwire speaking as a hitting coach: "OK, try closing your stance just a bit - and gaining 50 pounds of rock-hard muscle."