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Excerpts from Tom Ricketts' interview with the Daily Herald

A happy Tom Ricketts, new owner of Chicago Cubs..


Bob Chwedyk | Staff Photographer

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Published: 10/30/2009 12:33 PM | Updated: 10/30/2009 1:02 PM

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Excerpts from Tom Ricketts' interview with the Daily Herald on Oct. 15:

Buying the Cubs

"Why we chose this was we wanted to do something together, something as a family. It's one thing we all love. We all love the field. We all love the team. - We look forward to having it for generations."

Wrigley Field

"It is 100 percent the intention of me and the family to preserve and improve Wrigley Field."


"We do want to do things that increase revenues but only in the context of stadium improvements and improvements in the value of the experience of the game for fans."


"There's no real plans for a JumboTron. I'm not sure how you'd be able to work that in. The scoreboard is obviously a landmark and something that's unique to the whole stadium. So I don't think you want to do anything with that."

Ticket prices

"We'll take a look at the pricing schedules and see what we're going to do for next year. I think, on balance, you'll see a slight price increase for next year."

On keeping Hendry, Piniella


Stats and baseball

"I am a stats guy and I have been traditionally. I read all those (Bill James) Abstracts. - From an ownership side, we'll probably take a look at what they do. I'm sure that they look at the right metrics."

On Cubs curses

"You just got to move on. There is no curse. The reason that there aren't more World Series trophies here is not good teams. Bad teams that performed as expected and then good teams that had bad luck in the playoffs. There's nothing more to it."

Player payroll

"There's very limited flexibility on the payroll for next year. - It's not the number of dollars going out the door this year that's the issue of the moment. It's getting the performance for those dollars."

His father's reaction

"We kind of came up with the idea, floated it out there. I got, 'That doesn't sound like a very good idea to me,' at first. And then, a few weeks later, the whole family rented a few rooftops. We were up there just looking out over a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon. We had all sorts of family and friends in town for a big party. Just looking out over the whole scene, he was like, 'Yeah, I think I get it.'"

Favorite Cubs players

"As a kid, I liked Fergie Jenkins because he had 20 complete games almost every season. The guy was just a machine. On the '84 team, the Keith Morelands, Jody Davises, guys like that. How could you not love all those guys, and Sandberg, of course? I loved Shawon Dunston when he came up. He was just great entertainment. Anything could happen. He was a great player. And of course, Andre Dawson when he was here. He set such a high standard for future players."

On the White Sox

"I never hated the White Sox. I've been to a lot of White Sox games, not in the last years, but I have nothing against them. I think it's good the city has two teams. I think the crosstown games are terrific. It's great for fans. It's great for baseball."

Baseball owners

"I don't know any of them well enough to say I really, truly admire, but every one I've met I like and respect. - I do respect Jerry Reinsdorf. He's a terrific owner, a great success. They've done just wonderfully. He's the kind of guy you can learn a lot from."

On booing

"I never booed. I booed an umpire once, but that was a mistake. I'll never do it again. I don't understand booing. I don't understand booing your own team. I mean, earlier this season, people booed Derrek Lee. He got off to a slow start end of April, early May. I was at one of those games, and, 'What are you thinking?' Do you think that helps him? Do you think that it makes it understand where it comes from. And I hope that's not something that's the future of the fans.

"I just don't want to be known as a place where the home team gets booed."