'Freak occurrence' leaves Arlington Heights man pinned by garage door

Published: 10/29/200 9:23 AM

An Arlington Heights man was injured Thursday morning when his garage door slammed shut on him, pinning him beneath it.

Police and rescue officials were called to the 1500 block of Windsor Drive with a report that a middle-aged man was trapped under the garage door in the residential neighborhood, Arlington Heights police officer Doug Hajek said.

Upon arrival, fire officials saw the 51-year-old man trapped under the door with his legs and feet sticking outside of the garage, and his torso and head still inside.

"He told officers that he slipped on some loose gravel and the door came down on top of him, pinning him," Hajek said. "It was definitely a freak occurrence."

A female jogger who was passing by heard the man crying for help and approached, but couldn't lift the heavy garage door off him, Hajek said. A neighbor was then called and, with the combined strength of the three people, the garage door was lifted.

"I'm not sure if it was one of those single-piece heavy garage doors or if it was a three-piece door that was just extremely heavy," he said. "But, it took three people to lift it."

The man was taken from the scene with nonlife-threatening injuries to Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights.