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'06 Web postings appear to be from Maday
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Published: 9/17/2009 10:32 PM

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A man identifying himself as Robert Maday of Des Plaines - and who would appear to be the same man who led authorities on a manhunt Thursday after escaping from court custody in Rolling Meadows - made two Web postings in 2006. He talks about serving prison in Pennsylvania and looking for help in getting a book published about his experiences.

The first was in response to an April 2006 story published in the Wilkes-Barre, Penn., Times Leader, headlined, "Informant in Selenski case gets new lawyers: Luzerne County public defenders will no longer represent informant Paul Weakley." The second was posted five months later.

Here's an edited transcript:

• April 2006: "I was in usp lewisburg with paul weakeley and hugo selinski. they both are gonna get what they have coming. It's hard to measure that kind of stupidity. out of prison after years inside and within a year they're both finished. i've been out for 6 months after 12 inside. easy? ... no. worth the effort to suppress the temptation to cut corners and work hard and appreciate being back in the world again? yea. sure prison can make a man worse coming out than he was going in but to throw your whole life away for petty gains and sadistic inclinations reveals the mind of a fool. so see ya paul and hugo, when you get back to the federal pen say hello to the hundreds of low life morons we left behind and greet them with hugs and kisses, because that's your family forever now. should have paused for a few moments before concocting such a ridiculous scheme. for myself, i'll keep plugging away, crawling if i have to. I'm not going back. the world is to big, too beautiful and too varied to trade it in for the cage i just left. paul, here's a quote that will never mean anything to you but that is profound to me, "life flowers out of the profoundest tragic depths." my life is flowering now and everything nourishes it."

• That September, he posted again: "let me bounce this off the net and see what happens: just finished an 11 year incarceration, more than 10 of which were in lewisburg federal pen; (five counts of armed bank robbery); have an 80% completed manuscript account of my experience with the expected narrative of killings and drugs and infamous persons, known to many and well documented. I incorporated a fairly extensive and highly elaborative narrative regarding the inner struggle of so long an incarceration. as i continue to put on the final touches and do polishing revisions, I was about to start shopping for an agent. Can anyone offer any suggestions for me in that direction? Many thanks.