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Reform plan expands access to abortion
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 8/14/2009 12:01 AM

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I find President Obama's effort to push and prod congress and the general population into his nationalized health care plan nothing less than bullying. It is unacceptable behavior for a president. Why is he afraid of giving us sufficient time and opportunity to debate, discuss, criticize and communicate our opinions on this matter?

In my suspicion of his motives, I am remembering one of then-candidate Obama's pledges to his followers: he wanted FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act) to be one of the first agendas he pushed through as president. Fast forward to the existing health-care reform proposals - they will result in the biggest expansion of abortions since Roe v. Wade was imposed on America in 1973.

By blocking amendments that would exclude abortion from any health care reform proposals, congressional leaders are going along with President Obama's wish in an attempt to null and void any and all abortion restrictions in the United States. Like the majority of Americans, I am pro-life - this means that our rights and morals are being violated by the attempt to dictate the use of our tax dollars for mandated abortion coverage. I deeply resent this underhanded effort to force me to do so. President Obama's health care agenda needs to be exposed for exactly what it is - a power grab in which he seeks to further his political agenda.

His hypocrisy in this matter is glaring. If he really cared about the health of all United States citizens as he says he does, he would not discriminate against and support the unrestricted destruction of the most helpless and vulnerable citizens among us - the unborn.

Dana Albers

Arlington Heights