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Cutler watch
By Bob LeGere | Daily Herald Staff
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Published: 8/1/2009 12:00 AM

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Play-by-play of Jay's first day at Bourbonnais:


First sequence

Complete: short to Greg Olsen

Incomplete: (intended for Devin Hester)

Incomplete: (overthrew Olsen)

Complete: short to Desmond Clark

Complete: dump-off to Kevin Jones

Incomplete (Matt Forte drop)

Second sequence

Complete: short middle to Clark

Complete: deep sideline to Hester

Complete: short middle to Forte

Complete: deep sideline to Olsen

Complete: short sideline to Michael Gaines

Complete: short sideline diving catch by Olsen


First sequence

Complete: quick out to Forte after fumbled snap

Complete: dump-off to Olsen after play-action

Incomplete: (just off Olsen's fingertips deep sideline)

Complete: quick out to Hester

Incomplete: (high to Hester, who slipped)

Incomplete: (Forte drop on dump-off)

Second sequence

Complete: to Olsen just past line of scrimmage

Complete: short to Earl Bennett

Complete: short to Forte

Complete: short slant to Hester

Complete: quick out to Bennett

Third sequence

Incomplete: (couldn't fine receiver; spiked)

Incomplete: (intended for Bennett)

Complete: (short to Jason McKie)

Incomplete: intended for McKie)

Complete: short swing to Clark

Fourth sequence

Complete: Bennett over the middle

Complete: Bennett deep middle

Incomplete: (intended for Olsen)

Complete: short to Jones

Complete: in traffic to Rashied Davis

Complete: slant to Hester