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Red light cameras a moneymaking scam
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 7/29/2009 12:00 AM

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Thank you for the in-depth look at the latest attempt by our local governments to siphon money off the residents. It is obvious the cameras at the intersections are a moneymaking scheme disguised as a safety precaution. Look at the statistics!

What's next? Riding the yellow line to avoid hitting a jogger or biker? Jaywalking?

We think it is shameful that during these tough economic times that the people we trusted to look out for us are buying into a company's false claims that these cameras would make our roads safer. It will be interesting to see how "safe" our roads will be this winter when people slam on their brakes during icy road conditions to avoid being in the intersection when a yellow light comes on. You may end up with all those crashes you were trying to avoid.

We hope the powers that be are listening. Election time is right around the corner ...

Gerry Kneisel

West Dundee

Sarah Katzel


Diane Martin


Mark Kneisel

Crystal Lake