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Cameras all about generating money
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 7/22/2009 12:01 AM

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Upset about so many tickets for right turn on red? Follow the money. The camera companies benefit when there's more tickets issued; they're interested in generating as many tickets as possible.

They've configured the systems to be very picky about right turns on red - you have to come to a full stop, for as long as the system takes to detect that, and you have to stop before the white line. Very few people stop exactly before the line. And I'd guess that most stop for just a second or two - perhaps too short a stop for the cameras to detect.

These restrictions technically match the law, but are far more picky than any police officer would be. But the companies don't care. Remember, their goal is more tickets, not safety. How do we fix it?

Three options: (1) pass a law requiring more reasonable detection, so only people who really just roll through the right turns are ticketed. (2) Pass a law forbidding the camera companies from generating income from tickets; they should only be making money on selling or leasing the systems; and fine them when tickets are inappropriately issued. Or (3), outlaw camera-based tickets for right turns completely.

Steven Haworth

Des Plaines