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Less on red light cameras, more on the elderly
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 7/22/2009 12:01 AM

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After "Red Camera" articles taking up about 10 pages of paper during the past couple of days I am motivated to question your priorities.

Only about one page of your paper was dedicated to how state budget cuts affected the disabled and their special needs employment centers. I admit to bias on the subject, as my elderly father in England takes care of my older disabled brother at home. But through the day he goes to a facility similar to the ones being closed in Illinois.

I am angry at the choice of the government to choose this area to cutback especially after so much money gets squandered in others along with all the recent corruption and waste of tax payers dollars.

The Daily Herald could be a louder voice for these people, and usually their elderly caregiver, than one page of your paper - thus providing some dignity and purpose to the disabled and allowing them to continue working and have some social interaction and keeping these centers open.

Sheila Schulthesz

Glen Ellyn