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Cameras aid against sloppy drivers
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 7/18/2009 11:06 PM

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Nobody likes the idea of cameras monitoring our driving, but there's another side to this story. I've been forced by an injury to ride my bike for exercise instead of running. If you do that, you realize that we've become a nation of very sloppy drivers.

Less than half of the people I meet on the street stop for stop signs. Oh they slow down, but I can never assume they're actually going to stop and look to see if a bicycle is in the intersection. My son has been hit twice on his bike by people turning right into him. My neighbor blew off the stop sign on our corner just yesterday and slammed into another car.

So we have to stop at stop lights and make sure we stop at the white line? Is that so bad? And they're putting up these cameras at intersections that only had two or three accidents last year? I was very aware, in reading your articles, that you never said 'no accidents.' What amazes me is that people are so resistant to good driving habits. They know the cameras are out there, but they still keep rolling through those stop lights. Is that something we really want to encourage?

Don Kreski

Mount Prospect