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No tickets if you obey traffic laws
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 7/18/2009 11:06 PM

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I am writing concerning your excellent coverage of the red-light camera issue, which has become a hot topic all across the Chicago area.

First of all, are people really "breaking the law" if they do not come to a complete stop. Absolutely. So, what is the problem with them getting a ticket for that? Is it because a camera caught them, instead of a human being? A human being (several in fact) still has to review the incident to determine whether or not a violation has indeed taken place before the citation is issued. Heck, why not use this so-called logic everywhere we have cameras that we look to to prosecute violations, such as shoplifting in retail stores, bank robberies, etc.

Furthermore, as if the law itself were not enough, there are signs all over warning drivers that this intersection has a red-light camera. If that still isn't enough, they often put a bright orange flag over the signs to highlight the fact. Anyone who then proceeds to not come to a complete stop after all of this, deserves to get a ticket.

The truth of the matter is, this is most likely their normal driving habit, and it's about time they got caught and cited for it. Obey the law and all the warning signs around, and you've got nothing to worry about...period.

As for the punishment, would they prefer to pay a small fine, or have it to go against their driving record? Which would really cost them more in the end? In the end, it appears as though they're getting off rather easy.

There can be no argument whatsoever as to the fact that if people start being more attentive to their driving and obey the traffic laws, that our streets will indeed be safer. That's why we have the traffic laws that we have to begin with.

Beau Jeffrey