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Right-turn violations should be off camera
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 7/16/2009 12:00 AM

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Outstanding article on the use and misuse of red-light cameras, and their proliferation in the Northwest suburbs. I got a ticket for a right-turn violation in Elk Grove Village. It was the first and only ticket in my entire 40 years of driving, and if a cop was behind me, he wouldn't have issued a ticket.

As a motorcycle rider, I'm all for the cameras catching true red-light runners. It will save lives. But for right-turn violations, absolutely not. That is just a revenue producer to the village and camera companies. And with the appeal process being a joke because they have no incentive to be reasonable, plus the extra cost of making the appeal, it is a Draconian situation. Kudos to Schaumburg for recognizing and admitting their mistake, and ending the camera program.

And what about the family that shares vehicles? Four separate people could be driving my car. How am I supposed to know who was driving at 3:45 p.m. six Sundays ago? Another unintended consequence of the cameras is bogging down traffic. I've sat behind drivers who refused to make a right turn on red, and just sat and waited for the light to change for fear of getting a ticket.

Residents must get involved with their local towns before cameras are installed, to make sure that right-turn violations won't be monitored. I would work tirelessly against any elected official who would support full enforcement just to increase revenues, and gouge the driving public. I just read that Buffalo Grove is considering setting up many new cameras in their town. I surely hope that Buffalo Grove residents hold their elected officials' feet to the fire on this one. Remember increased revenue sounds great until you discover it's your money that's going to the increase.

Ken Glassman

Arlington Heights