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Who else is taking your picture?
By Dan Carden | Daily Herald Staff
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Published: 7/15/2009 12:00 AM

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Think you're free of enforcement cameras when you're away from an intersection?

In addition to red-light cameras, Illinois law already allows for camera ticketing at railroad crossings and in highway work zones.

At select railroad crossings, including in Naperville, drivers who go around safety gates may get their picture snapped and soon after receive a notice to pay a $250 fine. Cameras that were up in Downers Grove, Wood Dale and Winfield Township during a two-year test program have been taken down.

Legislation is now sitting on Gov. Pat Quinn's desk to expand the program and increase the fine to $500.

Plus, in 2005, lawmakers approved a speed photo enforcement program for highway work zones. The $375 tickets are only enforceable against the driver of the car, whose picture is taken.

Highway work zone cameras are required to be monitored on-site by a state police officer watching from a clearly marked van. Tickets can only be issued when actual construction work is taking place.