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Just stop and wait for the green light
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 7/16/2009 12:00 AM

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Many of us now who have read the article on red light right turns are now seeing red without the lights. No doubt this is great revenue for the village or township and is being milked to the limit. As an old saying goes, "nothing personal, just strictly business."

There are those of us who recall when the right-turn-on-red law was adopted to allow better flow of traffic that had motorists backed up. My suggestion to deal with the cameras and still get the violators is to stop and wait for the green light, Period. Remember, this is a law they put on the books, Remember also, you do not have to turn on a red. Perhaps they will look at this in a different light when they see traffic backed up waiting for the green light. Remember also that when they allowed this law there was as much as 60 percent less traffic at the time.

I thought that putting these cameras at dangerous intersections was a good idea, but I see now they are being used as a great cash cow.

State law is clear - drivers must reach a complete stop at the marked line. Until this cash cow excuse is resolved, I will no longer turn on a red light and no one can do a thing about it. You deal with the back ups it will cause. If you do not turn on a red it is not a violation but an option. The law does not say I must, therefore, I choose to stop as I'm just keeping our streets safe. If you feel the same, come join me at the red light.

George Gilmore